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i cry...i smile and laff...i shout and i whisper...i work i play...but most of all i attempt to be true to myself and the thing i adore the most...love

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I started the day

As I ended
The night,
In love
Loving her,
And I am
The sky,
And she,
The wind…

I have no sorrow

Nor regret,
I sipped her essence
She held me
Like a golden
I gave chase,
And still
She waits…

She kissed me

And found
My soul,
Taking it
For her very own,
And I discovered
The infinity of time
Not caring
If night ever comes

She has feasted

Upon my heart
Never I was hungry,
I am the sky,
She, is the wind,
The music which gives life,
I, the instrument,
I started the day,
Like I ended the night,
In love,
Loving her…

Verbalskillz ©2010 (all rights reserved)